#rubyonrails: functional rudeness, sí señor.

Charlie Van Buren: fuck I hate irc
Charlie Van Buren: everyone always ignores me
sono: where are you (IRC)?
Charlie Van Buren: #rubyonrails
sono: I am always ignored too... [there and elsewhere]
Charlie Van Buren: i go on irc like once a year
Charlie Van Buren: and it's always the same
sono: unless I mention something rude about ALSA at #ubuntu for instance
sono: hahaha me too
sono: once a year
Charlie Van Buren: I should start talking about how catalyst is better than rails
sono: (dude, you definetely should upgrade your desktop to feisty; pretty awesome... I will upgrade my laptop, it's still on dapper)
sono: yeah!!! that's a good mexican-like trick
sono: it really (sometimes) work
sono: mexicans do have a kind of functional-rudeness
Charlie Van Buren: haha

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