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6 things I want to share about the music of Automóvil Gris (Part 1) at Pordenone

So tonight is our premiere. Paolo Tosini, the italian who leaded the restoration project at Cineteca Nacional for the longest version ever known of El Automóvil Gris is about to show it for the first time in public; a profit of the hard work of many hands at the Elena Sánchez Valenzuela Laboratory / Cineteca Naciona México.

I was pleased to setup music for the film, and will perform it this evening. I want to share some decisions I took..

Live performance for The Tailor of Torzhok .What we'll be listening today.

STILL - El sastre de Torzhok (Protazanov, 1925)

Everytime I write cuesheets for building guided-improvised-music for the silents, some last minute changes do happen, and it happened again while watching two previous screenings at this 33rd Pordenone Silent Film Festival.

I expected no copy of Protazanov's 1925 film THE TAILOR OF TORZHOK I will be performing today for the wonderful Pordenone Silent Film Festival, but its director Mr. David Robinson did send a link around 20 days before. With half a month of preparation I was able to setup a cue sheet including references to the music of Shostakovich, Borodin, traditional russian music and some [anachronic] patterns coming from Aram Khacaturian's piano music, plus, (more in a second) little jazz-like tunes. Though, last minute changes happen...

Madero, a 100 años de su muerte, historias desconocidas y música en vivo

Francisco I Madero, vía Wikimedia Commons

Madero, a 100 años de su muerte
Funciones de cine mudo musicalizado en vivo, y explicado por el Dr. Aurelio de los Reyes.

Música en vivo:
José María Serralde Ruiz, piano

20 de febrero 2013 – 18:00 hrs
Academia Mexicana de la Historia
Plaza Carlos Pacheco #21
18:00 hrs.

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