Mundokino 2.0beta is being presented right now...

Right now, Gabriel is standing in front of a set of more than 40 international film societies from around the world, previewing the upcoming Mundokino BETA.

What nobody knows is that, even it is 100% based on Drupal 4.7 and its nearly AJAX, even the simplest things took me days to gather necessary code and variable understanding for the cms to make it.

Drupal is a monster; a geek oriented platform. Even as a geek I was totally disgusted with its ideology and devlopment view... NEVER AGAIN A MODULAR CMS!!! Using those should be a classified crime everywhere to use it...


We are almost reaching BETA...


Está presentándose en público la prevista de Mundokino 2.0beta... me siento como Bill Gates o Steve Jobs esperando que nada falle en la pantalla del proyector, y ante los ojos de miles...

This is the time line of events for the Matera presentation:
Yesterday, I changed the crontab configuration; the Drupal 4.7 indexation refreshes every hour at Mundokino; I did it as a fetish act of good will.
08:31 - Everyone is heading for his/her breakfast. Everything seems to work at its own pace... no prob.
08:36 - Paolo and Gabriel got to the Mediatheque... it is still closed and there are only few minutes left in theory.
08:40 - I am revising the page and node layout PHP files; line per line. I am neurotic enough to check even five times each link at the website... suddenly I find there's a wrong link at the CATALOGUES menu.
08:50 - Mediatheque opens. Necessary equipment is installed at adjacent hall where the presentation will take place. Gabo sends me an ultra powerful and motivational SMS.
08:55 - Five minutes before the first speech... and I am suddenly shocked by the Language BAR default flags: Spain and UK for spanish and english selection! That's a rude representation when talking about an international community... I instantly delete them just in time.
9:00 - The session has not begun, and we all have to wait for an hour or such...
10:00 - The show begins, but there's a missing cable... too much stress, there's no Internet access.
10:30 - Still no Internet access, the Forum begins on other topics?
11:16 - There's internet access!
11:19 - Gabo opens the browser window... and immediately logins to Mundokino.
11:25 - "Toda la bandota chida te saluda" - "All the cool band greets you!", says Gabo.
12:00 - I am visciously checking the logs... the admin page shows only one thing: mkn is online and is been browsed...
12:27 - "Dude, sleep well, job done... full of everything, even heart arhythm... the dream came true..."