Requiem: Jef Raskin left this weekend...


Brightness inside this coldness.

Mexico City's weather is one of a kind. Today's radio forecasting babbled a plenty-of-sun-so-warm-day thing. "Plenty of sun" was a phrase connected to warm weather at this city, but no longer.

Today's sun resembled a northern dawn, full of curled winds and mild sun rays, intense indeed, but unfortunately mild; with no means of warming neither the morning dew nor my own ears...

Coldness inside brightness. A methaphor for the mythic work of Jef Raskin, who died this weekend. Who was Jef? I can't explain it briefly. But I feel we owe him something, somehow... when using our visual desktops...

- - - - - - -

I did some non-fluent-first-sight-reading with Bach partitas before work today. It was a real failure indeed. But that encouraged me to revisit my polyphonic performing abilities. I want to go over a Keyboard Partita or maybe skim back through a Well Tempered Clavier Prelude & Fugue. Suggestions welcomed.



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